Aattilchattam on Medam 13th
When the ‘Parayeduppu’ reach Padanilam near Pampa river all the governing body with the help of all devotees make a barricade so that Amma with ‘Jeevatha’ may not jump into the river.It is said that Amma’s mother is in Panayannarkavu across the river and she want to go there and it is believed that she may not return if she goes. That is why the barricade is made and Amma is consoled and brought back to Kurattikadu. That is a ritual, you won’t find anywhere else.

Changayil Ottam on Medam 15th
After taking the para from Changayil, after a few houses all of a sudden the Amma runs back to Changayil. It is said that years back an old lady of Changayil said in her mind that if Amma comes back she will give five more paras. So Amma goes back and recieves five more paras and gives the blessings and accepts the ‘Dakshina’ only after that.

Vithideel on Medam 24th
In olden days ‘Harijans’ were financially unable to offer ‘Paras’. So on the last day of Anpoli Mahotsavam these harijans offer a part of their harvest paddy in front of Amma at Meenathethil House in their colony. This traditional ritual is still followed even though all harijans are now offerring paras at their own houses.

Anpoli Panthal
Anpoli panthal is decorated with ‘Kulavazha’, ‘Kuruthola’, ‘Alila’, ‘Maavila’, ‘Pookula’, etc and ‘Kalam’ is made by spreading all types of flowers in the shape of a triangle. There will be fifteen ‘nilavilakkus’ with five ‘thiris’ each. These are in the order 5-4-3-2-1. Amma dances to the tune of ‘Panchari Melam’ on the ‘kalam’ and recieves the para and blesses everyone.

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